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Construction of mining containers (data centers)

Construction of specialized mining
containers (data centers)

The mining container is a standard sea container, re-equipped and equipped with everything necessary to ensure efficient and secure cryptocurrency mining. This is a great alternative to expensive rental of premises or data center services: the container only needs to be connected to the power grid and the Internet. 

Synro offers containers for mining:

  • based on 10, 20 and 40 foot containers with a capacity of 64, 224 and 448 ASICS;
  • it is based on 5, 20 and 50 foot containers with a capacity of 14, 63 and 140 farms.

Each container:

  • hermetically protected from dust and condensation, as well as any negative environmental impact;
  • equipped with active cooling based on carbon dioxide, thermal insulation and winter automatic heating;
  • equipped with antistatic coating of shelves and floor;
  • closed with anti-vandal bars: they protect the structure from physical interference from outside (birds, Pets, leaves and other objects of the environment);
  • grounded;
  • protected from overheating by automatic ventilation using discharge fans: it maintains an optimal temperature, regardless of the weather outside the window;
  • it is reliably protected from fluctuations and other unexpected situations by means of fuses: all electrics in the container are designed for increased loads;
  • can be painted in any color;

If you wish, you can also add this to the standard options:

  • additional shelter from rain and sun;
  • remote power management;
  • remote mining management;
  • GPS detection sensor;
  • video surveillance;
  • Autonomous fire extinguishing system;
  • water cooling system;
  • network equipment;
  • access the Internet on both 3G (4G);
  • installation and connection of equipment on-site;
  • installing an alarm system;
  • lightning rod.

Additional options for the container for mining are paid separately.