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Approved firmware updates to increase
the profitability of the ASIC miner.

When you buy an ASIC miner, you get a ready-made device with a specific firmware and the ability to update it, but official firmware rarely gives significant improvements in functionality and performance. Therefore, Synro partners-experienced programmers in the field of cryptocurrency mining-developed their own custom firmware created for a specific model and based on existing firmware: this increased the power and reliability of the ASIC, as well as accelerated its payback.

After you have successfully downloaded the new program, you would receive:

  • reduction of electricity consumption by an average of 20 percent (when setting the lower power threshold for microprocessors);
  • reduced fan volume due to reduced rotation speed: with minimal voltage, the ASIC is almost invisible;
  • saving the speed of coolers after restarting: in normal mode, the rotation is at the maximum;
  • no warning about reducing the speed of coolers below the allowed level: you can adjust this parameter yourself.