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Supplier search

A choice of a reliable supplier that meets your
requirements and goals.

This is the most important step to start working with Asia: all further actions will depend on this decision.

While looking for a Asian contractor yourself, you risk running into a number of problems:

  • “translation difficulties”;
  • a lack of necessary skills for accessing needed suppliers themselves, not their intermediaries;
  • difficulties in the further transportation to Russia;
  • an impossibility of your physical presence during negotiations / a production process / a final shipment / etc.

Synro specialists will help you to avoid these and other obstacles: together we will develop an individual set of criteria that will help us to find the supplier you need.

Here are the key characteristics for a potential manufacturer assessment:

  • an ability to provide the required production capacity;
  • an availability of international quality certificates;
  • a reasonable price-quality ratio;
  • an ability to work under the brand of the customer (OEM-production);
  • favorable terms of payment for goods;
  • an availability of a reference list and a list of completed projects in similar areas.

The stages of finding a supplier with Synro:

  • a development of a technical task;
  • a choice of 10-15 manufacturers in Asia - only the leaders of your area, corresponding to the list of stated requirements;
  • a final agreement of 1-3 suppliers for further detailed discussion;
  • a request for product samples.

Synro is a member of the Asia Manufacturers Association